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Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Paint

The pint used in an OT is a special class of Paint that is Fire Resistant, Scratch Resistant and Chemical Resistant. It can be cleaned very easily by various methods. Due to its unique capability, it offers ANTI-MICROBIAL PROTECTION and restricts the contamination (be it bacterial or fungal) grow on its surface and let us be assured of its long life and hygiene. This low-glare paint is available in many colour option.

Hermetically Sealing of the OT

The SURGICOIN toughened door can maintain absolutely air tight environment inside the OT and prevents the outside contamination to enter inside the OT. Being the only movable surface of the OT, it has to work well and that is why we take the utmost care while installation of the door. It is carefully mounted on the channel and rolled on silicon moulded gasket for absolute sealing. A window, if present, is made by a pair of vacuum bound toughed glass and sealed by silicon gasket on aluminum extrusions.

Waterproof Surfaces

All the walls and ceiling of the OT are water and reagent proof. Moisture can not penetrate the Zintex steel wall or the superior anti-Bacterial Paint. The joints of the wall panels are sealed as a single surface. Be the spillage of any kind, we can be sure that it is not going to spoil the floor or the walls.

Laminar Flow

The unique design of the SURGICOIN clean rooms disperses the air from the center of the OT through the plenum after filtration through HEPA filters. The Exhaust / Recirculation vents are strategically placed at all 4 corners of the OT to form a laminar flow. The most important feature of a Laminar Flow is that it efficiently suppresses the used gasses released by the patient and purifies it before it re-circulate and contaminate the sterile area of the OT.

HEPA Air Filteration

The air circulated by the AHU is filtered through a set of Class ‘S’ HEPA filters of efficiency upto 99.97%. Same is repeated with air being removed from the OT. In every recirculation cycle, we can maintain the same Hygiene level at the sterile area and since the waste gasses can be effectively cleaned and re-circulated, it increase the efficiency of the AHU. Electronic status of HEPA filters can be incorporated into the control box as an optional feature.

Seamless and Rounded Corners

All right and acute angles of the OT are made obtuse. This gives OT the shape of an Octahedron. The significance of this feature is that the contamination and infection can not stay in the tight corners and crevices and be cleaned, be it by fumigation or manual scrubbing. This feature is a prerequisite to maintain highest level of asepsis.