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The New Standard in Cabinet Construction & Design Every second in your ambulance rig can be crucial in saving a life. You need the right equipment and medicine to save those lives. You deserve storage that is customized to your needs, and dependable and durable enough to take the extreme conditions life throws at you every day.

Surgicoin Cabinet Systems are the standard for quality and durability in the ambulance industry.

These fully customized cabinets can fit the needs of your rigs, and will stand the stress of emergency care. Our fully equiped production lines can customize your storage system to exact specifications quickly and easily.

Our mission is to design and build ambulance vehicles you can trust. Our highly skilled technicians build most assemblies right here in our facilities, where we control the quality. All purchased components are of top quality and fully backed by their manufacturers.

We don?t just assemble ambulances at Surgicoin, we craft a world class product backed with the strength and integrity of a responsive and progressive company.



Proper care has been taken to justify the space for necessary equipments and freely movement


Our painting process uses an epoxy powder coated system to enhance coverage and application


Heat and AC in ceiling duct work Improved circulation for more efficient heating, cooling and air exchange


Custom interior configuration can accommodate transporters, multiple stretchers, special teams and equipment.


Inbuilt set up Inverter and alternators to run the electrical equipments and the charging of batteries is done automatically HIGH QUALITY FINISH

?Our mission is to design and buid
Ambulance Vehicles you can trust?

  • Top quality raw materials and components
  • Fit and finish
  • Units that can be customized to fit your needs
  • Superior body construction
  • Choice of composite or light wood
  • Unparalleled testing
  • Exquisite paint process
  • Lighter and quieter
  • Superior paint process
  • Up to 400 mm of cab seat travel
  • Ergonomically engineered
  • No sharp edges for safety for staff and team
  • Proven industry safe
  • Engineering and design capabilities

A modular body with outstanding structural integrity, highly engineered electrical, AC and O2/air/suction systems with superior performance characteristics and ergonomically designed patient compartment cabinetry become even more critical in the demanding business of special ambulance vehicles. Nothing can be left to chance and Surgicoin has the qualifications and ability to get the job High quality Stainless Steel coated water proof cabinets and wet area. Ample space for paramedical staff and medical team to move inside.

Surgicoin delivers each ambulance with design and structural enhancements that provide superior strength and durability, while insuring the interior is suitable and effective for your operational requirements.

Our interiors are customized to suit your needs and unique specifications. Interior and seamless cushions dramatically reduce bio-hazard retention areas and provides for fast, thorough cleaning. In today’s uncertain environment, you need maximum protection.

Space for stowing and operation of various equipments. The ergonomic interior made entirely of molded panels has no sharp edges or corners. Smooth fiberglass finished help fight infection and speed the cleaning process. All seats, cushions and protective pads are thereformed to eliminate seams and prevent contamination with body fluids